• We provide advice with regard to drafting commercial contracts. We have drafted contracts for consumers, retailers and service providers. You may be in the business of selling goods and/or services and whatever your requirements we can assist. You may require a loan agreement and we are happy to assist with regard to this type of work also.

      We have vast experience disputing various contracts and for this reason you will receive expert legal advice to limit the chances of a party disputing the contract.

      You will note be disappointed with the service that we provide in this regard.

    • We have acted for clients throughout the years that require security for monies lent to an individual or a company. We can ensure your money is secure by drafting a charge document which is registered on a property held by person that owes you money. The legal charge is registered against the property to secure the said monies . This is a very good form of security but can only success with the consent of the party who owes the money. If you do not have their consent then you should obtain advice as to the options available to protect your financial interest.

    • Whether you are buying or selling a local business or online business with non-tangible aspects – we can assist and provide the right advice.

      There are many scenarios we deal with the purchase of business lease together with the business which include the goodwill, fixtures and fittings.

      We can assist throughout the process and ensure the correct contracts are in place.

    • We can draft any contract required of a company/business and our service is particularly popular with shareholder/partnership agreements.

      All companies and partnerships should have agreements in place. We have been instructed on many occasions when a dispute has unfortunately arisen within a company or a partnership without an agreement in place which is likely to result in fully contested proceedings. We therefore recommend that an agreement is in place regardless as to whether or not you think a dispute would ever arise.