Complaints Procedure


  1. The firm complies with Solicitors Code of Conduct 2011 and as such has a procedure for dealing with complaints from clients so that we can resolve as many as possible within the firm, stop complaints to the Legal Ombudsman and preserve the goodwill of all clients and of the firm even if things have gone wrong. All complaints must be dealt with expeditiously.
  2. The firm ensures that upon request clients are informed of the firm’s complaints procedure together with details of who has overall responsibility for making sure that complaints are resolved.
  3. In this regard the firm’s client care letters inform clients who is responsible for the conduct of the case and who to approach in the event of any problem with the service provided. If the problem is not resolved between the complainant and the Caseworker the complainant can refer the complaint to the person nominated in the client care letter to deal with complaints.
  4. The Complaints Partner shall be the Partner, Xenophos P Andreou. If the complaint concerns the Partner then the Complaint’s Partner will be dealt with by the Partner. The Partner shall be responsible for identifying written complaints when attending and checking incoming post. All Caseworkers must report forthwith any complaint received from a Client over the telephone, during any meeting, or face to face discussion. Any dissatisfaction expressed by a Client must be recorded and noted on the file and the Central Record of Complaints file.
  5. The Complaints Partner maintains a Complaints File.
  6. Any complaint received must be reported to the Complaints Partner and to the person about whom the complaint is made. The Complaints Partner shall ensure that the Caseworker sends letter to the complainant within 7-10 working days of receipt of the complaint to acknowledge the complaint.
  7. Any claim in negligence must be passed to the Complaints Partner and to the person about whom the complaint is made. The Complaints Partner shall ensure that the Caseworker shall acknowledge the complaint letter within 7-10 working days of receipt of the complaint as stated above. Where the complaint may amount to an allegation of negligence the Supervisor must inform the Client to seek independent legal advice.
  8. Every complaint/claim received will be recorded centrally in the Complaints File and inserted with any appropriate action taken in the Complaints File by the Complaints Partner. The client must be informed that the complaint is being investigated as stated above.
  9. Initially only those complaints received by the individual referred to in the client care letter as the person nominated to receive such a complaint shall be so notified.
  10. Once notified and the Complaints Partner having acknowledged the complaint and having responded as required in the complaints letter it shall be passed to the
    Caseworker about whose work the complainant is dissatisfied to either investigate the complaint himself or pass the matter to a Partner for investigation.
  11. The Client shall be kept fully informed of all steps taken to investigate the complaint. The Client must be informed when they will receive a substantive response and explain to the Client that if they remain dissatisfied at any stage providing options for redress and /or correcting any underlying problem or unsatisfactory procedure or process immediately.
  12. Upon investigating the complaint the Caseworker will reply to the complainant supplying the Complaints Partner with a copy of the letter to be sent. The Complaints Partner will respond appropriately to the Client, within 8 weeks of the date the complaint was raised, in the following way:
    i) Where the complaint has merit:
    a. identify the cause of any problem of which the client has complained.
    b. apologise formally on behalf of the firm and on behalf of the individual concerned and/or
    c. request confirmation as to whether the client wishes the file to be passed to another Caseworker.
    d. Refer the client to another Solicitor and/or the Legal Ombudsman.
    e. Offer any other redress to the satisfaction to the client.
    f. In all cases investigate and correct office procedures to redress any problem which has arisen.
    ii) When the complaint has been investigated and it is concluded that it has no merit the complaint shall be dismissed also setting the reason(s). If the complainant is still not satisfied then advise the complainant to seek independent legal advice and/or approach the Legal Ombudsman.